KioCloud® is a cloud hosted, subscription-based Kiosk Management Solution. With KioCloud®, we manage the technical kiosk server hosting for you, allowing you to get started quickly and focus on managing your kiosks, not your kiosk server. An annual subscription is required. KioCloud supports one device per subscription.

KioCloud® is compatible with these client side kiosk solutions:

KioWare for Windows logo

for Windows

Windows kiosk software allows you to turn your Windows PC or tablet into an interactive kiosk. With support for the Chrome™ browser, new features, and an improved UI, KioWare® for Windows offers an HTML based toolbar & keyboard, tabbed browsing, & more.

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Kiosk Pro for iOS logo

Kiosk Pro
for iOS

iOS / iPad based web browser designed to work both online and offline, Kiosk Pro can display web pages, documents, or audio & video files as a streamlined kiosk, ready for the public.

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KioWare for Android logo

for Android

KioWare® for Android kiosk software locks down your Android™ tablet and turns it into a secure, self service or purposed device. KioWare® for Android secures Android to only allowed applications and websites, limiting user behavior and protecting user privacy.

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Looking for a self-hosted kiosk management solution? If you would like to host your own server, try KioWare Server.

Benefits of KioCloud®

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Free, fully functioning 30 days trial to configure, test, and manage your kiosk deployment.
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Subscription-based KioCloud® pricing allows for a low risk, low investment method for kiosk management.
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No hardware or system requirements as with self-hosted KioWare® Server. Minimizes IT support time/resources required to manage the deployment.
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Access to the cloud (internet access) is all that is needed to manage kiosks with this robust solution.